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Refer to the command output shown. You are in a network with a number of switches, and assume that they all have IP-Addresses assigned to their VLAN Interfaces and configured so that you can telnet to any switch and run IOS Commands.
Which TWO of the following are incorrect?

In the top section it says the cost to reach the is: 4 and it is out my Gi1/2 port. In the bottom it says that my Gi1/2 interface has a cost of 4 as well. Therefore the Root Switch is probably directly connected to my Gi1/2 interface

The Interface Fa0/1 has had its STP port-cost changed from it's default value

Even though this switch isn't the Root Bridge for VLAN 1, it is possible that it may be the Root Bridge for a different VLAN

Since the Priority number listed at the top (32769) for the Root-ID is the same as the Priority number listed at the bottom as my local Bridge ID, this switch must be the Root Bridge

From the information shown, both the Root-Switch and my local switch are using default priorities, therefore, the election for Root Bridge was determined by the lowest MAC-Address

If you didn't know where the Root Bridge was, you could run "`show cdp neighbors detail`" to find the ip address of the next device connected to you out the interface shown at the top (Gi1/2). Then you could telnet to the device and run "`show spanning-tree`". If that device was the Root, it would say so at the top, if not, you could repeat the process until you eventually found the switch that was the Root Bridge.



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