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THERE IS NO EXHIBIT. PLEASE FIX OR REMOVE. Refer to the exhibit. Thre figure represents an example of simplified operation of Windowing in TCP. The PC on the left (Sending) has a window size of 4, and the PC on the right (Receiver) has a window size of 3. The Sender sends a total of 4 bytes to the Receiver as shown in step 1. The Receiver PC then received some of the data. In step 3, what should be the byte values for segments 5 and 6 (indicated by a "?") when the Sender receives the acknowledgment (ACK 4) sent by the PC on the right (Receiver)? ADMIN PLEASE FIX OR REMOVE

both byte values on the segments will have a value of 5

none, the packet is dropped

bytes 5 and 6

bytes 4 and 5

There is no picture.



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