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Refer to the exhibit. What security risks can be found on the configuration shown for Router : R1 ? (Choose Four)

There is no encrypted password protecting the privilege mode.

The VTY password will not be used.

Under: "line vty 0 4" it should have : 'transport input ssh' instead of the current option

If you configure the: 'ip domain-name' as, an invalid set of rsa-public-keys will be created when you use the: "crypto key generate rsa" command to enable SSH-version 2

For SSH, the vty-lines shouldn't have any passwords configured, and instead of having the: 'login' command, it should be configured as: 'login local'

HTTP Server users are not authenticated.

The VTY ports protecting Telnet access have a weak and unencrypted password.

The phrasing in the banner message is improper.



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