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The Frame-Relay concept of a Data-Link-Connection-Identifier is most accurately described by which of the following? (Choose Two) This is not in the new CCNA syllabus! Telco configured and Layer 2 Datalink connection, Frame-relay is not part of the new CCNA exam

It is a telco-configured numerical equivalent as if we had named the three Frame-Relay Connection at our local network by their remote destinations. ie LA, NYC, or DALLAS

You must be sure to use the correct DLCI numbers if you configure your Frame-Relay interfaces to perform FCHAP authentication

The term DLCI is Cisco-only, other router venders use the terms FECN, or BECN

A Frame-Relay DLCI is locally significant only, which means that we can use whatever 'valid' numbers we want, similar to the assignment of IP Addresses for loopbacks and RIDs

It is a Layer-2 (Data-link) Connection Identifier that the service provider has configured for us, that is local in scope only. At our local site, we might have a DLCI# 100 for a Virtual Circuit that goes to Dallas. The telco might have hundreds of DLCIs in their system with the same number, but unless we have made special arrangements with them, none of those other DLCI#100 will go to the same destination as ours does

It is Frame-Relay term that is the same thing as a Layer-2 type of IP Address. We can use Frame-Relay tools to ping and traceroute to remote DLCIs in order to troubleshoot connectivity issues



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