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You have a standard, default-configured Etherchannel trunk composed of SIX 1-Gigabit links connecting 2 workgroup/access-layer Cisco IOS Switches,
** If one of those 1-Gigabit links fails, what would be expected to happen?**

An SNMP trap would be forwarded to the management station

The port channel cost would increase, since the bandwidth has decreased

An SMTP alert would be forwarded to the management station

A new STP Root Bridge election would take place immediately, because the loss of that link is considered an indication of instability

The plain-vanilla Etherchannel encapsulation would revert back to LACP ( IEEE 802.3ad )

This could never happen because the maximum number of links in an Etherchannel trunk is 3


1.5 Etherchannel_Page_2

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