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You are administrator of small SMB network consisting of: - 4 PCs: ManagerA, ManagerB, AccountantC, ITAdminD - 2 Switches: SW1 and SW2 - Router

We don't want AccountantC to access the same network as Managers and ITAdmin. - ManagerA, ManagerB, ITAdminD in VLAN1 - AccountantC in VLAN 2

We know that ManagerB is having IP: Router interface Eth0 has IP and Mask :

Choose from the answers below correct answers:

HostC IP address can be

HostB Default gateway IP address can be

VLAN 1 mask has 5 bits in last octet

Ethernet interface E1 on Router will connect to VLAN 2

Switch 1 will drop all data coming from Vlan 2

HostA and HostC can exchange frames freely


1.4 Three Tiered Architecture

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