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Integrating Identity Services Transcription

Welcome to our Integrating Identity Services Module. In order to provide cloud-based access control, we can integrate identity as a service, or IDAAS. Here, we hire a trusted third party to help us manage the identification and the authentication of subjects. As with any computer security decision, it's important to determine the risks versus the rewards, of using an identity management service, for your organization.

You will have to determine whether you want them to manage all of the identity provisioning life cycle, or just certain parts, how you will control access to your assets, whether the company you choose for the service will meet the auditing standards and compliance standards that are required for your organization, and also determine what will occur if there's a disclosure.

You also have to make sure that you implement and manage authorization mechanisms appropriately. And make sure that you prevent access control attacks. And when an attack does occur, make sure that you can mitigate it appropriately. Identity as a service is a paid external authentication infrastructure that resides in the cloud and allows you to provide single sign on.

This provides integration of cloud services to your users so they only have to sign on to one system and they're able to access a variety of cloud based solutions. There are several benefits to identity as a service including the single sign on capability. The ability to centrally manager controls and the transparency that occurs your users only have to log in to one system and they don't have to worry about logging in to multiple systems and maintaining multiple credentials.

Federated identity with tokenization, you can centrally manage your controls and centrally administer the system, and you can integrate it with your internal directory services, such as your Microsoft Windows server Active Directory environment, and you can also integrate it with any external services such as software as a service providers.

With identity as a service, we are a hiring a trusted third party, and this organization will help us to provision new users, remove old users that no longer need access and also help to provide governance and access control. We can see in the picture located at the bottom left that the user signs into their Active Directory account as usual.

And the Active Directory account is integrated with the identity as a service agent using LDAP, or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. The identity as a service agent stores information about authorized users in a local identity store at the identity as a service provider. This is accomplished using LDAP over SSL with a one way synchronization.

Once the user successfully authenticates to the identity as a service provider, they are then permitted to access multiple services. In this example here, the user is able to access, Microsoft Office and boxed storage solution. This is much easier for the user because they only have to log onto one system and they can access multiple websites that they need to accomplish their job functions.

This concludes our integrating identity services module. Thank you for watching.

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