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Media Storage Transcription

Welcome to our Media Storage and Wiring Closets Module. It is very important to make sure that media such as backup tapes or other storage devices with sensitive data are stored securely. You should put them in either a safe or a vault or some type of secure container in order to prevent them from being stolen or damaged.

Safes are considered to be fireproof and burglar proof, iron or steal chests, and these can either be visible or can be concealed perhaps in a wall behind a picture, for example. Vaults are generally full sized rooms or compartments that are designed for safekeeping valuables and they are large enough that a person can walk inside and move around.

Vaults are commonly used for storing evidence as well. Containers are basically filing cabinets that are reinforced, and can be used to store property. Whenever you are storing sensitive data, you should require separation of duties, where at least two individuals will have to work together to access the sensitive media to prevent anyone from accessing the data without permission.

It is also important to secure your wiring closets. Many organizations spend a significant amount of time and effort and money securing their datacenter, but do not think about their wiring closets. Attackers can cause a significant amount of damage in your wiring closets or use the wiring closets as an opportunity to steal data from your network.

So you should have a policy in place to protect your wiring closets. You should make sure that they are clean, with organized and structured cabling. Wiring closets should use a very solid door with a good deadbolt lock. And you should have heating and cooling if necessary. The door should be wired into your building's alarm system, or monitored by your security guards.

With logging so that you can keep a record of who entered the closet and when. You should use an uninterruptible power supply in the wiring closet, and have a plan in place to test the UPS frequently to make sure that it is working properly. You should not store any combustible materials in your wiring closet and you should make sure you have a smoke detector in case a fire occurs inside the closet.

The keys should be limited as much as possible. You should only have your IT staff members with keys to this room. Some companies will use the wiring closet to store cleaning supplies or janitorial supplies. This is not acceptable. Only your IT staff should be able to access this room and you should not be storing anything else there.

This concludes our media storage and wiring closets module. Thank you for watching

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