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What is Skillset?

Skillset is an interactive website that provides practice tests pertaining to specific skills contained within certain certifications.

Does it cost anything to register on the site and take the tests?

Nope! Skillset is an entirely free site. You can take as many practice tests as often as you'd like!

How do I sign up?

You can sign up via Facebook, LinkedIn, or right on the site.

Does Skillset use my email for any other reasons?

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer your personally identifiable information to outside parties. For more information regarding your privacy please read our Privacy Policy.

Are the test questions taken from old certifications tests?

No—questions are newly created by experts in their respective certified fields.

I'm thinking about getting my CCNA, but don't have an extensive knowledge on the material yet. Can the site still benefit me? Or will the tests be too hard for me at my level?

Each question is clearly ranked by level: Beginner, Proficient, or Expert. You can take skills tests as well as certification tests at the Beginner level until you feel comfortable enough to move on to Proficient, followed by Expert. There are also mixed level tests.

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