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Refer to the exhibit. An existing corporate LAN is using VTP to share VLAN information. A user brings a used switch from home, named OldSwitch and connects it into a free unsecured trunk port in Switch SW4. OldSwitch has been configured with VTP domain "SkillSET", the VTP mode is the default and revision number is 103. What happens to the VLAN domain after this switch is connected?

Old_switch works as a VTP Server and will increase the revision number to 1.

Old_Switch works as a VTP Client and will decrease the revision number to 1.

Old_Switch works as a VTP Transparent and will not affect the VLAN information.

Old_Switch works as a VTP Server but revision number is higher, so will not affect the VTP domain.

Old_Switch works as a VTP Server, and removes all VLAN information in the VTP domain.



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